Beginner’s Guide to Launching an Amazon Book Business

Learn how to start your Amazon account, find inventory, list items, ship them to a Fulfillment Center, and track your sales.

Week 1 : Getting Set Up

In the first week, we will focus on getting your Amazon account set up, selecting the right tools for job, and learning about the various fulfillment methods available to sell on Amazon.


Week 2 : Finding Inventory

In week two, it’s time to start your very own treasure hunt!  We recorded video of a sourcing trip so you can learn exactly where to find books, how to source them quickly, and how to ensure you make intelligent purchasing decisions.


Week 3 : Listing and Shipping

Now that you’ve purchased some books to resell online, it’s time to list and ship them out to an Amazon Fulfillment Center.  We’ll walk through conditioning, workflow, listing software, shipping methods and more.

2hrs. 27min.

Week 4 : Selling and Tracking

Now that you’ve sent off your books, it’s time to track performance and optimize your prices to maximize profits.  We’ll show you how to track sales, reprice, analyze key metrics, and manage your inventory.

2hrs 1min.

Week 5 : Next Steps and Scaling

By week five, you’ll have learned everything you need to know to start your business and start getting sales. Now it’s time to learn the various ways you can begin to scale up.

1hr. 35min.

Caleb Roth


Caleb is the founder of The Book Flipper blog, ScoutIQ, eFLIP, and is a 7-figure book seller on Amazon.